Internet marketing

Internet marketing, also online or digital marketing, most commonly refers to advertising efforts on the Web to drive sales.

Red Hornet OÜ specialises in the following Internet marketing areas:

  • Web Marketing:
    – E-commerce
    – Affiliate marketing
    – Paid (contextual) advertising (Google Ads – previously known as AdWords)
    – SEO
  • Social Media:
    – Facebook
    – YouTube
    – Instagram

Larger agencies charge a few hundred euros per month for their services, which means that the entire advertising budget of a small business will be spent to cover the management fees, instead of spending around 10-15%. We, on the other hand, charge our fees based on the time spent to set up and manage Google Ads (AdWords). The cost of a paid ad management service starts at €100 a month, which is close to nothing. For more information and individual pricing, please contact us.