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Let's improve your website's search positions

Why not use your competitive edge to your advantage? By optimising your website you increase its visibility and reach more potential customers.

Website optimisation

We will conduct an audit to find any issues present and compile a manual on how to fix them or will fix them ourselves.

Keyword analysis

A search term analysis is required to gain insight into reaching the largest possible number of potential customers.

Improved visibility

Implementing recommendations based on the audit and keyword analysis will improve your website’s visibility in search results.

Monthly adjustments

Monthly adjustments will be made to the content and further optimisation strategy based on visitor statistics and search engine results positions.

Search positions monitoring

To get a better overview of the results we will be monitoring changes in search engine results positions using different tools.


Paid Google Ads advertising

Focus on your business and let us manage your Google Ads account with Pay-Per-Click advertising.

Main services

Choose a suitable service and ask for a custom offer.

from €50
  • Technical audit
  • Issue report and fixing
  • Keyword analysis
  • Website speed increase
  • Visibility improvement
  • Adding to web tools
Google Ads
from €100
  • Ad campaign setup
  • Search term analysis
  • Adding negative keywords
  • Target audience setup
  • Creating advertisement text
  • Continuous management
from €15
  • English
  • German
  • Russian
  • SEO-copywriting
  • Localisation
  • Translation to other languages

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