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SEOToday, conducting online business without optimising your website is unthinkable – SEO is essential for every website and online store owner. What is the use of a website that does not appear in search results?

Why do you need website optimisation?

Internet search is no doubt the #1 tool people use to get information – whether about a service, product, business contact, or a random answer to a question. If you want people to find the page of the service or product YOU offer, you have to optimise the website by using the correct keywords and adhering to certain rules. If your page works as your business card, you want to rank high.

The graph below shows the click-through rate for different search engine ranking positions. For example, the first place gets about 35% of clicks, the second about 17% and the third just 10%.

SEO or Search Engine Optimisation

Simply put, this is a set of activities aimed at improving the website’s visibility in search engines; also called optimising search engines, but no-one can optimise a search engine but its developer, so the correct name is search engine website optimisation. There is on-site and off-site optimisation.

On-site optimisation mostly involves aligning the technical part with certain rules, otherwise Googlebot will not be able to access your content and find the required information easily. At the same time, user friendliness (to improve UX or user experience), logical structure, valuable content for the user, etc., must be kept in mind.

Off-site optimisation is used to increase the number of sources referring to a website, since Google, Europe’s most popular search engine, places great emphasis on incoming links. Examples include setting up Google My Business and social networking accounts, blogging, etc.

How to start?

If you have plenty of time on your hands to do the reading, you will be able to figure out the main things. But you can also contact our fast and highly competent professionals who have been working in the industry since 2012. They will find and fix any errors. Write to us, and we will find the best solution!

SEO services by Red Hornet OÜ

We offer our services to small businesses and self-employed persons worldwide. Our SEO services:

  • SEO audit, including technical and search optimisation. The audit can take up to three days to complete depending on the structure and size of your website. Prices start from €150;
  • Recommendations on fixing the mistakes identified by the audit;
  • Keyword analysis;
  • Fixing the mistakes, writing unique texts and descriptions;
  • Setting up Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, and other codes. Adding the website to Google Search Console, Google My Business;
  • Copywriting and content creation;
  • Link optimisation;
  • SEO consulting services, training, and more.

For more information and an individual quote, please contact us by pressing the button below or just send us a message at

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