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Website monetisation or earning extra money online

Earning income online is no rocket science, but requires a solid investment, be it time or money. To be able to monetise your website, make sure to get one first. If you already have your own website, read on.

There are infinite opportunities to earn money on the Internet, but we’ll focus primarily on affiliate marketing, i.e., advertising the services of other providers with the aim of earning a commission. In Estonia, there are several affiliate networks available, but DoubleResults has proven most efficient. As compared to other networks, it is a rather recent addition, having shown good results. It is an ever-evolving network of new advertising clients whose services can be promoted to earn a commission. Currently, you can choose financial, online retail, and medical online service providers as well as providers of car parts and many more.

To be able to earn extra income by means of advertising, you must be sure the right ad is on the right website. In terms of user experience, it is not advisable to place too many ads on your website as this drives guests or search engines away. If banner ads simply do not fit, an ad can also be in the form of plain text, adding internal links to the relevant products and services. It is also important to remember that just as the website itself, any ad must be useful. For example, running a blog about tourism, be sure to advertise budget travelling options, be it hotels or airlines. To sum it up, what you need to do to earn money with your website is think about the right ads to make it work.

  1. Thoroughly think about where on your website the ads will be placed;
  2. Register for DoubleResults Affiliate Network;
  3. Select desirable advertising campaigns and banners or links;
  4. Integrate them into your website.

If you think that DoubleResults is unlikely to open enough doors for you, you can always switch to Google AdSense to deal with the best services and products.

In case you have any questions or need help, please contact us using the contact form.

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